Dealing With Sea Sickness While Cruising

There are people who have different kind of health concerns like nausea, vomiting while traveling.

If you are one of them who is prone to becoming sick during travel, it is a good idea to take precautionary measures while going on cruise to make sure you enjoy your tour to fullest.


Mostly people consider taking Dramamine to make sure they don’t get affected by seasickness. It may be a good option but it can cause tiredness which can ruin your cruise experience.

Transderm Scop, A Scopolamine Patch

Transderm Scop is another commonly used remedy to deal with seasickness. A scopolamine patch that can be applied behind the ear & can be effective for upto 3 days. This Scop is a preventive measure rather than treatment but has some possible side-effects such as dizziness, dry mouth and blurry vision.

Wearing Wrist Band

Wearing wrist band works very well for so many people to avoid seasickness during cruises. These bands use the concept of pressure points (some kind of acupuncture treatment) to help with nausea associated with seasickness often.

While wearing wrist bands, you are not taking any drugs, so there aren’t any side effects involved. These bands don’t work for everyone, However people for whom these wrist bands have worked, are very happy with results. If you choose to try bands, get used to them before your cruise and make sure you are wearing them before boarding your cruise ship.

Sea Sickness – Not a Problem For Everyone

If you are thinking about going to a cruise vacation & reading this article, you may get a little concerned but don’t worry our purpose of writing this article is not to make you concerned rather we want to create awareness particularly for the first time cruisers to make sure they have a wonderful cruise experience.

Seasickness doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you are one of them who do have problems like nausea, vomiting while travelling than trying one of the options mentioned above may be a good idea particularly wrist bands if they work for you.

While dealing with seasickness, different people show different reactions as a result of using various type of remedies. Better idea is self-experimentation and some research that will help you dealing with this problem better. Another idea can be to seek guidance from your physician, or with your family member or friends who regularly go to cruises about their experiences.

Don’t let seasickness keep you from trying a cruise, because you will be cheating yourself out of a wonderful experience.

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