Common Cruise Ship Facilities

Spending vacation on a cruise ship has become a first choice of many people as a large number of individuals from all over the world consider vacationing abroad a cruise ship to spend their holidays.

If you are going to experience cruise ship vacations for the first time, you may be thinking about the activities or facilities that can be found onboard. It is a very important as the experience of your vacation on cruise depends upon the type & quality of amenities you are going to get onboard.

The activities or facilities found on a cruise can vary from ship to ship but many have quite a number of services or activities in common.

Some of the most common services found on cruise ships are as under

Restaurants, Dining & Cafes

Very common facilities you will find on cruise ships are restaurants, dining and cafeterias. Most of the dining facilities mentioned can be expensive so you should consider taking advantage of small eateries that can be found onboard if you are looking to save some money. But if you are interested in elegant meal you should schedule a reservation as soon as you board the ship to make sure you get the spot.

Along with dining, and restaurant services, you will also find bars and dancing halls but they may have age restrictions. So if you are with a family and want to enjoy nightlife over the seas, you can get your children involve in other fun activities or even many cruise ships have daycare center where you can send your children.

Fun Activities Onboard a Cruise Ship

If you are travelling with a teenager, Mostly cruise ships have an abundance of facilities as well where they can get involved in different kind of fun activities like Swimming, Scuba Diving, Video Arcades and Movie Theaters can often be found on a cruise ship. Teenagers may be able to visit these facilities without adult supervision.


Casinos are another popular facility most cruise ships offer their customers. If you want to try your luck, you can take part in popular gambling activities such as blackjack, slots, poker and more but keep in mind that gambling can be very costly so if you are tight on budget, just stay away from casinos. But if you are booking a cruise and gambling is one of the activity you are interested in then you should further explore gambling opportunities abroad each ship before buying tickets.


Almost all cruise ships have onsite fitness centers and gyms equipped with latest fitness tools for people who just can’t leave behind their fitness routine. In addition to a fitness center, a large number of cruise ships have jogging tracks.

The above mentioned facilities are the ones that are most common and can be found on almost every popular cruise ship for example Carnival Cruiselines, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruises etc but it is always the best idea to get as much information as possible before booking a cruise to make sure your favorite activities can be found abroad a cruise ship of your choice.