Cruise Ship Etiquette – Some Tips About Do’s And Don’ts

While on cruise, you should remember that you are not alone and travelling with many other people of all ages & gender including kids, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. So, what you do on a cruise ship can affect others.

Here are some Cruise Ship Etiquette tips & manners about Cruising to make sure the cruise is enjoyable for everyone.

Dress Properly

It’s important to know ahead of time if there is a dress code on cruise ship for different occasions, for example what the dress will be for evenings. If there is a dress code for meals, make sure that you adhere to it. Dressing inappropriately can not only make you feel uncomfortable but also will the other diners.


Many cruise ships have designated areas for smoking. Make sure when you smoke, you smoke in those particular areas. Smoking is injurious to health and if you smoke openly it can make other people uncomfortable or even annoyed. Also there may be some people who are allergic to smoke, and it’s not fair to compromise their health.

Be Courteous With Lounge Chairs

Don’t reserve any more deck chairs than necessary, so that everyone has a chance to have a lounge chair and it’s fair to everyone. Everyone wants to have a deck chair, but when people are constantly saving them for people who may or may not come to the pool it takes away from people who are wanting to use them. This is one of the biggest problems on cruise ships.

Keep Your Kids Under Control

If you are taking your kids on a cruise vacation, take control of them. Vacationing on a cruise ship doesn’t mean you should stop parenting. Some kids are problematic and can make other people annoyed. So, make sure kids are not running wild and also don’t try to sneak youngsters into adult only areas such as spa, hot tubs, quiet pool etc.

The golden rule about Cruise Ship Etiquette is to think about the activities that make you uncomfortable about other people and make sure to avoid those things so that you don’t affect others. When people respect one another, everyone will have a better time and enjoy their vacation.

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