10 Beach Vacation Ideas

10 Beach Vacation Ideas

Choosing a beach vacation can become challenge sometimes because there are hundreds of places where you can go to spend your vacations and explore the beauty of nature.

Below you will find 10 beach vacation ideas that will help you to choose next beach for vacationing.

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii beaches are probably the most popular vacation place among tourists who want to spend their holidays on beach.

Hawaii Resort

Hawaii has many well-known resorts among which Hawaii resort is a famous one. Here at Hawaii resort, you can play golf, swim in the ocean & relax on the beach. You can also indulge in one of many innovative spa treatments.

The Kona Village Resort

Another popular resort in Hawaii where you can do a number of fun activities is The Kona Village Resort. These activities includes sailing, snorkeling, beach volleyball, tennis, fishing, glass bottom boat tours and many more.

  1. Georgia

Georgia is another famous beach vacation destination. With lovely sandy beaches you can performs a number of activities to make your vacations truly memorable.

Golf and Beach in Georgia

Popular among the East Coast, the Cloister at Sea Island in Georgia, you will find 54 holes of championship golf course. Here on the beach site, you can sit, relax and perform a wide array of activities such as water rides, slides and other water attractions that your entire family will enjoy.

  1. Oahu Beach Vacation

Oahu is located 15 minutes away from Waikiki beach and Honolulu. At Kahala Mandarin Oriental, you can expect to do some great activities to make your vacation truly enjoyable. These activities may include scuba diving, spa & swim it up with dolphins.

  1. Luxury Beach Resort of Bermuda

Bermuda is an ideal location to spend your vacations away from east coast. Located 2 hours away by flight from New York City, it offers an abundance of opportunities and activities for tourists to spend their holidays along pink sand beaches & breathtaking water attractions.

Ariel Sands offers you 47 guest rooms with gourmet food and beautiful scenic views.

  1. Virgin Islands vacation

At Virgin Islands, you can witness blue clean and clear waters with beautiful picturesque sandy beaches. There are abundance of fun activities you can enjoy at Virgin Islands and St. Thomas and Ritz Carlton resorts offer one the most luxurious facilities you can found on the island.

  1. Cancun Beaches Mexico

Cancun beaches are considered as some of the most popular beaches in Mexico. Beautified with vast sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Cancun beaches are tourist’s favorite spot to spend their holidays. There are plenty of restaurants, resorts and shops in this beach town that allow to enjoy so many activities while staying in the town.

  1. Caves resort in Jamaica

Caves resort in Jamaica offers unique rooms with the opportunity to enjoy splendid Caribbean views & amazing beaches.

This place will set your vacation mood like never before.

  1. Half Moon Bay California

The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay is located at 30 minutes car drive from San Francisco. This attractive place is an ideal beach vacation spot to spend some time away from the busy life of the city.

  1. Tulum

Tulum ruins attracts a large number of tourist every year. The best time to enjoy this beach vacation spot is early in the morning or later in the evening. El Castillo, an old Mayan temple is another historical place that makes this beach spot a special place to visit.

  1. Playa Maroma

Considered as one of the most popular beaches in the world, Playa Maroma offers multitude of opportunities to tourists. The place is particularly popular for the snorkelers who can spend their day touring underwater starting right from shore. Here tourists can enjoy witnessing lush rainforests, white sand beaches with gorgeous blue water.

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